Risk management is not a complex process, but does require individuals to support and implement the basic principles on a continuing basis.  Operational risk management provides a logical and systematic means of identifying and controlling risk.  Icarus-ORM offers individuals and organizations powerful insights for increasing productivity and reducing accidents.  Properly implemented, operational risk management will always enhance performance.

Ever experienced the wasted time of a risk analysis?

Despite the best intentions, most risk analysis procedures lack the structure, creativity and strategy required to make an impact on company value.

But it doesn't have to be this way at all.  With Icarus-ORM as your trusted operational risk management adviser and counselor, you are hiring a team of diverse risk specialists that strengthen your team with specialized knowledge.

Fact is, most companies don’t harness the potential value creation of risk management.  Think about it – when else do you have the chance to make a profound impact on long term results of your assets?

Why choose Icarus-ORM for your risk assessment, training and decision support?

Reason 1 – We guide our clients when to accept risks when the benefits outweigh the cost

Reason 2 – Our collectively exhaustive approach ensures our client accepts no unnecessary risks

Reason 3 – We use foresight as a tool to anticipate and manage risk

Reason 4 – The information presented ensures companies make good decisions at the right level