Did you know that process hazard analysis (PHA) alone will never reduce your risk?

Neither will a list of recommendations.  In fact the only thing that will reduce risk is by acting on the decisions that are sustainable for your operation.

So why do managers still expect the risk assessment to take too long and add too little value?

Risk assessment can extract a plethora of information. 

This is exactly why Icarus-ORM is solely focused on operational risk management and the best practices that help our clients have real conversations with the people who have the most to gain from the study.  Our aim is to deploy the best professionals that provide the capability to lead a multi-disciplinary team.

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Organizations today must understand that they can no longer operate by luck and complacency .  Our job as risk management consultants is to empower your decision makers with insights so they can confidently commit resources to manage risk.

Don’t hire us if you expect the same old approach.

Quite simply it would be a waste of your money.  Our risk management professionals work as your extended resource group.  Listed below is a partial set of services that we offer to our clients, recognizing that every risk assessment is designed around specific of your needs and objectives.

Risk Assessment Services:

Hazard and Operability studies (HAZOP)
Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)

If our operational risk management approach resonates with you, please contact us today and ask how this might apply to your organization.