We deliver the industry’s most advanced process hazard analysis and collaboration technology


Icarus-ORM is committed to offering our client insightful risk reporting and communication technology that transcends boundaries.  We offer a cutting-edge technology infrastructure in order to connect our risk specialists directly with your organization, while providing support in an on-demand environment.

Research has shown that a team with diverse experience makes better risk decisions than an individual.  Of course, this is only achievable if you have a team with the right knowledge and an effective facilitator to guide the team towards a common objective.


Working at Icarus-ORM

Our firm offers an unique opportunity to work on highly-challenging consulting projects with the world’s largest companies, and also to grow the practice through firm-building activities. We heavily invest in the professional development of our employees through structured training, which compliments an environment that encourages and rewards professional growth.

We look for well-rounded individuals whose skill set is a combination of profound analytical capabilities and outstanding communication skills.

There are three elements that make up the interview process: resume/ fit interviews (behavioral interviews), case interviews, and informal interactions.  Those elements will be used to test your business experience, your communication skills, your analytical/ problem solving skills, your ability to work in teams, your personal attributes and leadership traits, as well as your cultural fit potential.


Please Email your application to risk_inspired@icarus-orm.com

Be sure to include: 

  • Resume
  • Cover letter

Please format the subject of your email as:

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