Once the risk assessment has identified there are certain operational risks your organization are not willing tolerate, investment in a safety system might be sensible.

Do you have a safety instrumented function (SIF) you can depend on? And how can IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 help?

And what does “dependable” mean for your operation?

Your safety system should be reliable enough to function correctly over a given period of time and under certain operating conditions.  The system needs to be available when you need it the most.  It needs to fail in a safe state so the system does not increase your risk when it malfunctions.  The system needs to have the capability to detect failures and signal operators to take action.  And finally the safety system needs to be maintainable to prevent unnecessary strain on operation.

Design a safety system that protects and creates value

Icarus-ORM is focused on providing clients strategic counsel on safety system specifications.  We set operators at the center of stakeholder discussions because their first-hand experience will influence a safe and productive facility.

Explore the impacts that operational change have on the system integrity

Throughout the life-cycle,  the system will go through changes.  Icarus-ORM delivers a simple-to-use, dynamic visualization tool to help you understand impacts of operational change on the system integrity.