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The basics of Process Hazard Analysis are explained with our crash courses on HAZOP, LOPA, and SIL. 

We also offer an online course which allows you to study at your own pace! The course explores the in-depth processes of Process Hazard Analysis and finishes off with a Cap Stone certification exam with a live instructor. 


-The Icarus-ORM Team

Free Online Crash Courses

Online Certification Course

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You'll learn how to:

Set clear objectives of a hazard and operability study (HAZOP)
Clear decision criteria for layer of protection analysis (LOPA)
Decision framework for safety integrity level (SIL)
Design an effective analysis
Use information from all stages of engineering
Use risk matrix as a decision criteria
Identify hazards
Determine risk ranking
Recognize poor quality HAZOP, LOPA, and SIL
Make high stake decisions with confidence
Communicate new insights in a clear, meaningful way
Think like a facilitator and make decision like an executive